?Game Of Thrones? Season 7: Geniuses Behind ?The Sopranos?, ?Boardwalk Empire?, ?Entourage? Team Up For Hit HBO Series’ Next Run

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere

?Game of Thrones? season 7 is confirmed to be directed by the same geniuses behind other HBO series, such as ?The Sopranos,? ?Boardwalk Empire,? and ?Entourage.? Entertainment Weekly revealed the team who will lead the 2017 return of the phenomenal fantasy saga.

One director is Alan Taylor from ?The Sopranos.? His visual storytelling forte was evident when he was part of the ninth and 10th episodes of ?Game of Thrones? season 1, as well as four other episodes in season two. He was also behind ?Thor: The Dark World.?

?Boardwalk Empire? veteran and Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa will also be returning to HBO. He is responsible for the previous season?s premiere episode and Jon Snow?s resurrection in ?Home.?

Another director who will helm ?Game of Thrones? season seven is Mark Mylod. Known for his work in ?Entourage,? he crafted this season?s textured ?The Broken Man? episode, as well as the chase sequence of Arya in ?No One.?

Joining these HBO veterans is newcomer Matt Shakman. His known works include FX?s ?It?s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,? AMC?s ?Mad Men,? and CBS? ?The Good Wife.?

Even though they are still high from the show?s season ender last Sunday, fans worldwide are excited for season seven of ?Game of Thrones.? Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss teased about what will happen next, particularly how they will spread a total 13 episodes throughout season seven and eight.

?Once [Daenerys] ?gets on those ships and crosses West, that?s when the clock on the end game starts ticking,? Weiss hinted.

Viewers will definitely be waiting for ?Game of Thrones? season seven. However, readers of its book series are also awaiting the release of its next volume, ?Winds of Winter,? which is the title of the previous season?s finale episode.

Unfortunately for those who follow the novels, there have been reviews that HBO?s dramatization has somewhat diluted the anticipation and surprise for the George RR Martin novel.

Nonetheless, book readers still have high hopes for the ?Winds of Winter? novel, with some insiders claiming that it is better than the series.

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