Game Of Thrones Season 7: Euron Greyjoy To Play Very Important Role?

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Game of Thrones Season 7 euron-greyjoy
Game of Thrones Season 7

After last week?s season 6 epic finale, fans are already pulling interesting theories about next year?s Game of Thrones Season 7 and while the fate of several major characters was finally sealed, Euron Greyjoy?s fate was left open to speculations.

Euron Greyjoy who got introduced this season to the Game of Thrones is younger brother to Balon Greyjoy and uncle to Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy. After killing his brother in Season 6, Euron reveals his plans to marry Daenerys Targaryen in exchange of offering to conquer Westeros.

However, Yara and Theon were able to persuade the Mother of Dragons to instead use their ships and restore Yara to her rightful title of Iron Islands. The Season 6 Finale episode shows Dany along with the Iron Fleet finally sailing to Westeros but it missed showing Euron, who was last seen planning to overtake the whole world with the help of the Targaryen name. Fans in the meantime have come up with several theories as to the significant role Euron will be playing in the Game of Thrones Season 7.

Here are the best three theories concerning Euron Greyjoy?s future in GoT Season 7:

1.Alliance with Cersei Lannister

The most obvious plotline seems that Euron will be joining hands with Cersei given that Dany is now set to invade Westeros and even restore Yara to her kingdom on Iron Islands. With the Queen of Dragons having the support of the Iron Fleet, Olenna Tyrell and the Dornish army, in addition to her Dothraki warriors, she is likely to be an unmatched force, so Cersei will definitely be looking for an alliance to defend her new title. Since both Euron and Cersei have a common enemy in Dany, it only makes sense for them to form an alliance to beat her. Anyway Cersei will be playing a significant role in upcoming season as series creators indicated the in interview which you can check here.

2. A Battle at Sea with Daenerys


Another popular theory that makes much more sense is that Euron will be fighting at the sea with Daenerys now that she has made her intentions clear regarding supporting Yara and Theon against Euron. Since the show still has two more seasons to go and Dany? conquering Westeros will be more likely at the end of the season, it seems more logical that she and her army will now be facing a final hurdle from Euron before she reaches the mainlands. While Dany may seem unbeatable with her dragons, book readers suggest that Euron possess a powerful dragon horn called ?Dragonbinder? that allows him to become master of dragons. Dany is?also finally set to meet Jon Snow, here is what will happen.

3.Euron leading the White Walkers

White Walkers

Another interesting theory that Game of Thrones fans are talking about is that Euron will be leading the White Walkers and may take down the Great Wall for finally bringing the Winter to Westeros.

In Season 6 right before Jon Snow was made the King in the North, he declares that, ??The true enemy won?t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.?

Though Jon is of course talking about the White Walkers, fans are speculating that the hints point towards Euron since in his first appearance he said, ?I am the storm, brother. The first storm and the last.?

Another horn theory is connected to Euron here. Fans are indicating that Euron is out to attack Oldtown where Samwell Tarly is out to become a Maester. Since Sam came across a cache of dragonglass beyond the Wall in Season 2, he is said to be possessing an old horn which is believed to be the Horn of Winter that is capable of bringing down the Wall. So it seems that Euron will get his hands on the powerful horn and finally bring down the wall.

You can check here the latest update regarding,?The Winds of Winter, the eight book in series of “The Song of Ice and Fire? upon which the tv show is based.

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