Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Hodor Lives? To Become A White Walker?

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Fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones went through various emotions when Hodor was killed two episodes ago. It was a very tragic moment since fans witnessed firsthand what Hodor meant, coupled with the fact that he was one of the most innocent characters in the entire series.

Well it looks like there might be a small glimmer of hope for fans of the giant, since there is a possibility that he could be brought back as a White Walker, assuming that is what the writers want. Kristian Nairn, the actor who played as the loveable giant, went to ToyCon 2016 in the Philippines a few days ago and was asked by a fan if Hodor could come back as a White Walker, to which he replied ?maybe, it depends on if the writers want me back.?

Though Nairn didn?t deny the possibility, he did state that he was pleased with the way the character died. While it was pretty sad, most fans can agree that it was a good way for the character to die, as they learned his origin during the process.

Still, having Hodor come back as a White Walker could open up some interesting possibilities for the show. He?d be very imposing as an antagonist since he would be large and Bram would have a hard time fighting him, possibly out of guilt due to his actions that lead to Hodor ?closing the door? for him and his allies. Either way, it?s an interesting scenario to speculate on.

It might not happen of course, especially since the actor is pleased with the way the character died, but if recent episodes have meant anything it?s that everything is now possible in Game of Thrones. After all, Jon Snow came back to life and now anyone else could be, though that might anger some fans since that might remove all of the stakes and high kill rates that the show is known for.

But could he really be alive? Nairn has these very promising words to say: “I know he’s dead, but it’s GOT, anything could happen.”

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