Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Episode 9 Battle Of The Bastards

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The much-awaited face-off between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton will finally happen in Game of Thrones Season 6 episode 9, ?Battle of the Bastards.? House Stark will try to reclaim their stronghold, Winterfell, from the psychopathic Bolton bastard, as well as their rule over the North. Who will win? Will it be the marauding mad dog, Ramsay Bolton, or will it be the recently resurrected ?prince that was promised,? Jon Snow? Here are some of our predictions for the coming episode:


Knights of the Vale heed to Sansa?s call

As recalled, the Starks fall short in numbers. They only have the army of the Wildlings of about 2,000 plus one giant, 62 soldiers from House Mormont (thanks to the fierce little Lady Lyanna), Jon Snow, Ghost, and? that?s about it. The Bolton army, on the other hand, has about 6,000 and Brienne was unsuccessful in recruiting the Tully forces, so only Gandalf can save them now. Yes, that?s right, Gandalf! Remember the Two Towers at the Battle of Helm?s Deep when Gandalf came riding at dawn with the exiled army of the Rohirrim? That?s what will happen.

Though we won?t see Gandalf the White, of course, but Lord Petyr Baelish and the army of the Vale. As recalled, Robert Arryn, the frail little lord of the Vale, agreed to help the Starks in their battle against the Boltons. And according to HeatStreet, Sansa?s letter which she sent out in secret was addressed to Little Finger, so yes, we can at least expect a sizeable Knights of the Vale army to come riding or marching on the battlefield.

The Umbers will betray Ramsay

The Umbers were the ones who brought Rickon to Ramsay as a ?gift? in the earlier episodes and have seemingly betrayed the Starks, but it is possible that they are still loyal to the great house and have a hidden motive for surrendering Rickon. Ramsay said to Lord Umber, ?when my father became Warden of the North, your house refused to pledge their banners.?

So it appears that the Umbers are still quite possibly loyal to the Starks because Lord Umber doesn?t seem to trust the Bolton bastard who killed his own father.

Rickon will die, Ramsay will be fed to the dogs/Ghost

Bad news though, we think Rickon will die or hmm, maybe not. We just don?t want to see another Stark die, pleaaase? However, it is very much possible because he?s a captive of a homicidal maniac, who could slit his throat at anytime or lock him in the kennels to be dog chow. Sorry, Rickon. Though, we really do hope you don?t die.

And the good news is, we think and really reallyyy hope that we will finally see Ramsay bite it (or literally, get bitten/beaten). Jon could send Ghost to slaughter him or maybe even better?a one-on-one battle of the bastards. The episode is titled, ?Battle of the Bastards? anyway.

Winter will come? and the dead come with it

The Starks may be fighting for a good cause but the inevitable will happen, and as their house repeatedly says, ?Winter is coming?? and yes, the dead will come with it for sure. What if the Starks do win the battle, but the real war will just begin?the war between the living and the dead. What if all the Boltons they kill would just end up reanimating when winter sets in? What then?

The night is dark and full of terrors, cold winds are blowing in the north. Will the battle of the Bastards even matter if the winds of winter will finally swoop in?

Stay tuned for the last two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6, ?Battle of the Bastards? and ?Winds of Winter,? Sundays, 9p.m. ET on HBO.

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