Game of Thrones Season 6 ?No One? Episode Spoilers: Is Syrio Forel Coming Back?

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Game of Thrones fans are all worked up again, thanks to HBO?s recently-released promotional photos of the hit show?s upcoming eighth episode, ?No One.?

In one of the photos, an unknown shadowy figure is standing behind The Waif (Faye Marsay), who most likely is on the hunt for Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

Fans were quick to point out that the shadowy figure could be Syrio Forel, whose return has been a hotly debated issue in the Reddit community.

Image Courtesy Sky Atlantic

Image Courtesy Sky Atlantic

Reddit user b_walker08 pointed out that the silhouette bears some resemblance to Syrio Forel.


For those of you who have short memory, Syrio Forel is the master sword-fighter that Eddard Stark hired to train Arya Stark in Season 1. Before relocating to King?s Landing, Syrio is originally from the City of Braavos. ?


Syrio was believed to have been killed by Ser Meryn Trant at the end of Season 1. Since then, his young ward, Arya, had made it her life-long mission to avenge his death. Arya successfully exacted her revenge four seasons later, in season 5, by killing Ser Meryn Trant at a brothel in Braavos. Syrio Forel is played by Greek actor Miltos Yerolemou.

Since his death, many fans have been speculating that he?s one of the major characters who would likely return to the show.

That assumption may contain a grain of truth, especially after Miltos, the actor, retweeted this:

Miltos even commented on it:

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.52.20 AM

That tweet came with a link to a video of Miltos?s interview in Thronecast, a British television series on Sky Atlantic. Hosted by Sue Perkins and Jamie East, Thronecast is a ?fan companion series? of the GoT. It features interviews with members of the cast and crew.

Here?s how the interview went:

Sue Perkins: So you know Syrio has a strong relationship with the House of Black and White isn?t it?

Miltos: Well yeah…uhh no…well I don’t know. With Braavos yes not necessarily the House of Black and White.

Sue: Yes cause he was the first sword wasn’t he, he was basically part of the kings guard, the finest swordsman.

This gave rise to two more speculations: one, Syrio is alive and two, Syrio Forel and Jaqen H?ghar may be one and the same person. After all, it was only implied on the show that Syrio and Ser Meryn Trant had a duel when Arya fled. There was never an actual scene that showed Syrio breathing his last.

And there?s also this photo, which was obviously taken by a fan clandestine during the filming of GoT. As you can see, the same curly-haired character is standing beside Arya and the Waif, listening intently to the instructions of the director on the set.

If in fact Syrio Forel is alive and is about to play a crucial role in the show, HBO writers, who are now going beyond George R. R. Martin?s books, will be throwing in a monkey wrench to the story.

Bringing back Syrio Forel could potentially make the narrative a little more complicated. According to The Independent:

?However, this a giant leap and pretty convoluted – if Forel did escape, why would he not just track Arya down and be like ?Hey, fancy booking in a few more swashbuckling lessons?? And what function what reviving a minor season 1 character serve? Where would his story go from here?

?If Forel does return this week (still unlikely), there?s a strong case to be made that Game of Thrones is descending into fan service, as evidenced by the WWE-style return of The Hound and the possible setting up for Cleganebowl.?

What do you think? Is Syrio Forel coming back to the show? Do you think Syrio Forel IS?Jaqen H?ghar? Share your thoughts here.

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