?Game of Thrones? Season 6 Finale Recap: War Of Queens To Come Next Season?

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Game of Thrones Season 6 is finally in the books, well not literally in the books of George R.R. Martin, but it finally came to a close. We have now witnessed the finale of the much-anticipated season yet and what more could we mortals ask for, right? The gods have spoken, their judgement is fierce but fair? fierce definitely, but fair? If you are holding a trial against a Cersei Lannister, it?s never fair.

[WARNING: SPOILERS!! If you haven?t watched the Season 6 finale, DO NOT READ ON!!]

So it has come to this?a mother, a queen, a wife, a sister, doing absolutely anything and everything to protect those she loves. She did say sometime this season that she will ?burn cities to the ground? for her children. And, SEVEN HELLS, SHE DID!! Well, not cities or a whole city, but a sept full of the city?s people, the Faith Militant, lords and ladies.


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She killed everyone. She is as mad as the Mad King himself, maybe even worse. Every last person in the sept was burned alive through Wildfire including her daughter-in-law, Margaery Tyrell. The lord of Highgarden, Mace Tyrell was also there, Loras Tyrell was there, the High Sparrow was there. Lancel, who was also a Lannister, was stabbed by a boy and perished in the fire down the cellars.

She would say she did this for her last remaining son, King Tommen, but as the young king watched the sept burn down from a distance, he immediately removed his crown from his head, stepped up the window ledge and jumped without even a hint of hesitation.

Why did you burn these people alive again, Cersei? You like power that?s why. You want revenge. When power is taken away from you, you do everything to take it back. And it?s not because you love your children, no, it?s all about your lust for power, your fear, your greed and your pride.

Shame? Shame? Shame?

Cersei rises to the Iron Throne like a Sith Lord, garbed in a black gown designed like an armor. ?Long may she reign? they sullenly proclaim. ?They have no idea that thousands of ships are sailing to King?s Landing, including three dragons, and Danaerys Stormborn who is ready to finally stake her claim to the throne.


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Aside from the revelation that the R + L = J theory is indeed true, looks like we?re going to have a War of Queens. After Robert?s Rebellion, the Battle at Blackwater Bay, the Siege of Winterfell, the Red Wedding, Stannis? battle in Winterfell, the Siege at Riverrun, the the Battle of the Bastards, come the War of Queens. All the other battles were led by men who brought forth much blood and victory. But this time, as we anticipate a war between queens, we can see that there will be, not just blood, but fire.

Cersei already used her secret weapon which is Wildfire, and looks like karma will strike back quick as Dany is coming with her three dragons. Not only that, it appears that Elaria Sand and the Sandsnakes are plotting their revenge against the Lannisters with Lady Olenna Tyrell, who now has even more reason to loathe the Lannisters.


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Yara Greyjoy, now allied with Dany will try to reclaim their seat at the Iron Islands from his treacherous uncle, Euron.

Let?s not forget Arya, who went in the guise of a servant at the Twins and killed Walder Frey. A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and she just killed Walder Frey! Her training to be a Faceless Man did pay off.

And of course, Sansa, who proved that she?s no longer that na?ve little girl who used to dream about princes and princesses. Now, she helped her brother win a battle and killed the psychopath, Ramsay Bolton, who was butchered by his own dogs.

It?s about time Westeros had a woman as its ruler?the right woman. What will Dany do when she finds out that a Lannister woman is sitting on her father?s throne? Will she burn the city to the ground as well? There will be blood and fire as Varys told Lady Olenna. There will be a war between two ruthless queens?the fierce lioness and the Mother of Dragons. Who will make the final roar?

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