‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale Leaked? Spoiler Scenes From Episode 10 ?Winds Of Winter? Circulate The Net?

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Scenes allegedly from the season six finale of ?Game of Thrones? have been circulating the internet. The Independent reported that there is a spoiler supposedly showing the climax of episode ten, entitled ?Winds of Winter.?

However, the site clarified that the alleged leak of ?Game of Thrones? season six episode ten is actually not from the finale ? but just carefully chosen scenes from the movie ?Warcraft.?

The report also warned followers of the epic HBO series to be careful of checking out clips claiming to be spoilers, which are around 300MB in size and are .wmv and .exe file types. These usually prompt excited fans to download a codec to watch the leaked clip. However, viewers reportedly only end up getting viruses and links to spam sites.

The anticipation over the season six finale of ?Game of Thrones? has been so high that viewers have been scouting the web for spoilers. These include speculations about whether or not HBO will reveal details about the ?Winds of Winter” novel, since episode ten is named in reference to a book by George R.R. Martin to be released in 2017. Christian Times reported that it is the author?s sixth unfinished book in the popular ?A Song of Ice and Fire? series.

While there are no definite spoilers comparing the TV series to the novel, Telegraph UK said that the ?Winds of Winter? book is expected to be better than the ?Game of Thrones? season six finale.

Setting comparisons to the book aside, The Statesman had also mentioned that the highly-anticipated episode 10 will be the show?s longest finale ever. There have also been speculations about who will die this season.

Earlier this week, HBO got fans excited when they released promotional photos from episode ten of ?Game of Thrones? season six. Finale images shared by TV Line showed a Lannister army headed to battle, the Kingslayer meeting with the Starkslayer, and the High Sparrow seemingly ready to finally cast the fate of Loras.

There have been so many theories from the show?s viewers that even cast members have joined in to share their preferred ending! Keep following The BitBag to learn which of these finale predictions will come true after ?Game of Thrones? airs season six episode ten this Sunday.


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