‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episodes 9, 10 Spoilers: Many Characters Will Die?

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Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers

Spoilers for ?Game of Thrones? season six have been circulating, with fans believing that many characters will die in episodes nine and ten.

A list that has been going around the internet gave detailed speculations about what will happen in ?Battle of the Bastards? and ?The Winds of Winter.?

One prediction is how Jon Snow is expected to win the battle against Ramsey, with the latter dying in the final scene. The great wildling leader, Tormund, is also rumored to die soon.

Another spoiler for ?Game of Thrones? season six?s episodes nine and ten is about a prophecy shared to Cersei when she was a young girl. A witch named Maggy The Frog told Cersei that she was to become queen and have three children before dying, and this death is expected to unfold soon.

The second part of the book series claims that Cersei will be killed by someone referred to as ?the Valonqar,? which means ?little brother.? This means that Cersei?s younger and hated brother, Tyrion or Jaime, will kill her. Theories have spread about Jamie possibly being the murderer.

Maggy the Frog also prophesied the upcoming death of Tommen, with different speculations surrounding this event.

There is also a prediction that Rickon will die, as a homicidal maniac has held him captive. While fighting for a good cause, many also believe that the Starks repeatedly saying ?Winter is coming? could mean that the dead will come with it. Some pointed out the possibility of all the Boltons they killed could just end up reanimating when winter arrives.

With all the death predictions, a spoiler that many fans would be excited to come true is the possibility of Hodor being brought back as a White Walker. With fans grieving over the character?s death two episodes ago, actor Kristian Nairn raised everyone?s hopes when asked during ToyCon 2016 in the Philippines about the possibility. ?Maybe, it depends on if the writers want me back,? he replied.

?Game of Thrones? viewers, especially the ones avidly following season six, have always been on the lookout for spoilers for episodes nine and ten. However, the clamor has made some of the show?s hardcore fans look for leaks, with reports stating that leaks of episodes eight and ten have surfaced on The Pirate Bay.


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