?Game of Thrones? Moves On Without George R.R. Martin; Author Losing Control of His Story?

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HBO?s massively successful fantasy series Game of Thrones has just ended its sixth season last week and moves on without George R.R. Martin. The author did not get himself involved in the production in order to finish his sixth book, The Winds of Winter, but we still don?t have a release date from the author.

With the HBO series deviating from Martin?s novels and ultimately surpassing them? Is the author losing control of his story?

Martin must have watched his magnum opus unfold on television and we can just imagine his frustration with trying to finish his books while someone else gets to finish his story first. In an article by Dani Di Placido from Forbes, he writes:

?Now, George R.R. Martin must be watching his creation unfold on television and not only be surprised by certain creative choices but influenced by them. Not to mention the pressure of living up to, and hopefully outdoing, the perceived success of the television series. The poor man must be suffering from a writer?s block more impenetrable than Valyrian steel. The show?s final finale will air long before Martin releases his own end to the fictional events he put in motion, late to the party he started so long ago. There?s something sad about that.?

It is really sad to think that after the series ends in Season 8, will book readers still be excited to read Martin?s version of the story? Will readers who are very much loyal to Martin?s novels avoid watching the show so they won?t get spoiled on the books? Or will they just opt to watch the show while they wait? Will Martin?s version still interest both book and show fans once A Song of Ice and Fire finally reaches its final note on television?

As Placido notes, there is still hope. The series did amend some of Martin?s poorer decisions in the novels and the show also had their own share of mistakes. The book and the show could still be treated as two separate art forms and, Martin, now having an extraordinary visual outline, could use it to finish his story. Game of Thrones could even influence the author in a good way by letting him see what works and what doesn?t.

Surely, fans will still wait for it just as the Starks wait for Winter to come. After that, the winter may be long, but there will always be A Dream of Spring.

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