Game of Thrones Fans Rally Behind Australian High Jump Contender, Bran Starc

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Has winter come to the Olympics? Seems like it, as Australian high jumper Brandon Starc cleared 2.29m to qualify for the high jump final.

It maybe Starc?s Olympic debut, but he already has a legion of fans rallying behind him. The 22-year-old dead ringer for our Winterfell?s Bran Stark, bears not only similar facial features, but the same name, albeit for one letter. Game of Thrones fans from all over the world are cheering for Bran Starc.

Netizens have taken to social media to pour their support for the high jumper at the Rio Olympic Games. Incidentally, Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones was pushed from a high tower, and the ironic comparison has sent fans in a fit.

A tweet from Dan Wilde says, ?Great to see him walking again,? in obvious reference to Bran Stark being a cripple in the popular TV show.

Another tweet from Kate Ellora says, ?Just watched Brandon Star compete in the High Jump? Strange, coz I thought he?s actually better at the Long Drop?

All sorts of Game of Thrones reference has been thrown into the tweets. Another one from Fiona says, ?There is an Australian highjumper called Brandon Starc, dude could jump the Wall.?

And of course, it would not be complete without a Hodor reference, with Sam Vecenie saying, ?There is an Australian named Brandon Starc at the Olympics in high jump. No confirmation on there being a Hodor.?

Even Athletics Australia has started using the hashtag #HouseStarc for their Twitter posts, mimicking Game of Thrones? popular hashtag #HouseStark.

His biggest fan, of course, is his older brother. No, not Jon Snow, but Mitchell Starc, the Australian left-handed cricketer who plays first-class for the New South Wales Blues. He is a prominent member of the Australian squad who won the 2015 Cricket World Cup. Currently in Sri Lanka, Mitchell has woken up at 5am with his teammates to cheer for the little brother who earned his place in the final.

?I was pretty chuffed for him, he’s made it an Olympic final which is very, very special. Especially for a young bloke in his first Olympics, so I’m very proud of the young fella,? Mitchell proudly said in an interview with ESPN.

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