Game of Thrones Parody: ‘Shame of Glory’ Discourages Use of Plastic Bottles

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Game of Thrones

You know what’s better than the real and actual Game of Thrones? A Game of Thrones parody, of course! Everybody spoofs, as annoying or forced as it may be, it sure does catch your attention.

Games of Thrones is mainly famous for taking their narrative relatively slow. The producers of the show makes sure that they take time with trying to create the greatest plot and when you’re taking it slow, you know you’re doing something right.

They have some of the greatest female characters ever shown on TV and Game of Thrones is just addicting visually. It even reaches a?point where you become addicted?it. The next thing you know, you’re hooked? or making spoofs from?it.

Don?t hurt Mother Nature, I guess?

Recently, SodaStream just released a new advertisement showing their new product; a machine that could create sparkling water without having the hassle to buy sparkling water out of plastic bottles and “hurting mother nature.”

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Who knew sparkling water was such a necessity, right? Normal water just isn’t enough for everyone. Recycling activism just got their whole Game of Thrones spin on them!

Game of Thrones


The commercial was entitled ‘Shame of Glory’ which is a parody of the famous show, Game of Thrones.

It shows this seemingly clueless man buying soda water (which I have to stress out, were in plastic bottles) so the famous “Shame” nun?followed?him around the grocery store, as had The Septa with Cersei, to the streets while saying the iconic “Shame!” He is almost transported to the Game of Thrones set.

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In short, he was shamed because he was buying plastic-bottled fizzy water.

Can you hear the dolphins cry?

Towards the end of the commercial, he just had no idea what he was doing because it seemed like he was ordered to buy sparkling water by The Mountain himself.?”Can you hear the dolphins cry? Don’t you love mother Earth?” asks The Mountain before going on a product endorsement of SodaStream.

What do you think? Do you think putting pop culture and an important message such as recycling a good idea and an effective way of getting the message out there? Just admit it, the commercial’s pretty funny, but pretty brutal as it reminds us of how long we have to wait for Season 7. Shame.

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