Game Of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers: Minor Character To ‘Bring Back’ Someone To Life, Could It Be Jon Snow?

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Every ?Game of Thrones? fans around the world went nuts and blew up the rumor mill over a new and thrilling spoiler for season six of the hit TV series from HBO. Ian McShane, former ?Deadwood? actor who was cast in a minor but influential role on ?Game of Thrones? season 6, recently revealed a breathtaking fact at just how important his character will be.

?I?ll give you a hint,? McShane told Pop Goes the News in an interview. ?I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you?re never going to see again. I?ll leave it at that.? And with that one sentence that the actor said, ?Game of Thrones? fans immediately went wild and couldn?t contain themselves.

For fans who?ve been itching to know who McShane?s character is going to bring back from the dead, here are some very possible candidates:

Jon Snow

Jon Snow

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Who could forget the untimely death of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington). Of course, he?s the likely candidate to be the one who will be resurrected. Unfortunately, with HBO top brass, co-stats and Kit Harrington himself exclaiming that Jon Snow is either dead or not returning, then there?s actually little point in convincing ourselves that one of the most beloved characters in the ?Game of Thrones? series will return. But who knows?

Lady Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark

Losing her life at the infamous Red Wedding on season three was a bit of a shock to us, but there is a slight chance that Lady Stark may return to the world of Westeros. (Spoilers) If you read the novel from George R.R. Martin, ?Lady Stark?s corpse is brought back to life under the same Lady Stoneheart. The new character is basically a zombified version of her.? So it?s likely that this could be the job for McShane?s character.

Sandor Clegane a.k.a. The Hound

Photo from Rolling Stone

Photo from Rolling Stone

We may have overlooked The Hound (Rory McCane) and his importance in the series, but some fans are adamant in stating that The Hound will be brought back from death and that they are convinced by the theory called ?Cleganebowl.?

According to Business Insider, ?The belief basically says that a priest saved The Hound form his mortail wounds and he sets off for a destiny that sees him locking swords with his brother in a trial by combat.? McShane?s character would then enter the scene and may play as the priest, bringing The Hound back to life.

Who do you think is the one that Ian McShane?s character will resurrect? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Business Insider

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