Game Of Thrones Season 6 Release Date Delayed? Biggest Battle Scene Of The Year In The Works? Blackfish To Return?

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?Game of Thrones? might be delayed and will not start until May. The hit show of HBO may jump to a further date due to HBO?s highly acclaimed series ?Vinyl? occupying its time slot, according to Huffington Post.

Rock drama ?Vinyl,? will fill ?Game of Thrones? previous normal timeslot at 9 p.m. on Sundays. With the rock drama starting on Feb. 14 with ?Girls? and ?Togetherness? recurring on Feb. 21, we have no choice but to let the shows finish. ?Unless HBO decided to make the virtually unprecedented step of switching its biggest show to another night, the earliest it could possibly return is April 24, before the season finales of ?Girls? and ?Togetherness,?? Huffington Post stated.

Battle scene of the year

On the other hand, we still have some good news for you. Filming for season 6 is continuing at Banbridge, Northern Ireland with the location having a very important scene on Game of Thrones. According to WinterIsComing, the production at Banbridge may suggest that ?the battle scenes being filmed at the location will be one of the two big action sequences on the show next year.?

Blackfish to return

Brynden Tully a.k.a. Blackfish is also rumored to return next season. The character, played by Clive Russell, might be returning on season 6 to protect the castle of House Tully that will be flooded by the army of the Lannisters. Blackfish was last seen on season 3 as part of Robb?s (Richard Madden) partners at the Twins, he was also able to escape the horrific Red Wedding massacre of the Stark forces, posted by International Business Times. Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) will then be leading the charge for the castle of Tully along with Bronn (Jerom Flynn).

?Game of Thrones? season 6 might be set to premier on April 2016.




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