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Game of Thrones Eventually Begins to Spoil Books, Faces Aerial Threats

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The Walking Dead isn?t the only property in television that?s making waves recently. Another hot property that?s being talked about is George R.R. Martin?s Game of Thrones, a series of books turned into a TV series. From controversy, drama, to fantastical action, the show has it all?knights, dragons, and even undead knights. However, the show may become more trouble than it?s worth.

Coming from the books, the show may soon overtake them as they are being written, as per IGN. Is this a good thing for R.R. Martin, who is writing the story as fast as he can? Also, we take another look at this item from The Daily Beast. It looks like Game of Thrones is facing aerial threats. Not from the dragons of Daenerys, but another form of trouble all-too familiar and modern.

Game of Thrones may soon run out of Content

The finale for the book is close?too close, as per IGN, and the TV series may soon spoil the finale.

The show has very little alterations from the books, and if it continues on its current path, the show may eventually intersect with the books. The finale, a Song of Fire and Ice, may be spoiled even before the book comes out. This doesn?t bode well for the written form of Game of Thrones, as watching the series may be more entertaining for some people than reading the books.

Stay tuned as we see how events will unfold.

Drones not Allowed

Game of Thrones is easily one of the hottest shows to come out recently, and that fact is being recognized by people all over.

That?s the case in this report from the Daily Beast, where people are using small remote-controlled craft to check on how the filming of the series has been doing. Professional photographers like Michael Macmillan, former BBC Middle East Bureau chief, says that the problem lies with amateur drone-users who wants to sneak in snaps of the series.

Actions like these speak volumes about the popularity of the series. Perhaps stricter security measures should be implemented, or else production should ban the usage of drones in the area altogether.

Game of Thrones and the Problem of Fame

George R.R. Martin?s gripping storyline in Game of Thrones may perhaps be blamed. Fans of the series who don?t read the books are voracious, and that may be the cause for the leaks that amateur drone-users are only too happy to supply. You just have to ask, though?what will a future without Game of Thrones look like?


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