Game of Thrones App For Non-reader Fans, Here?s Why You Should Download Now

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Are you a Game of Thrones fan but have not read the books? Here?s something that?ll encourage you to read them ? an official Game of Thrones App!

If you are a die-hard fan of the Game of Thrones series and is itching to grab those novels being displayed at your favorite bookstore, then here is something that would encourage you to read the books.

Introducing the Game of Thrones App by publisher Harper Collins, this app aims to become a bridge for fans of the TV series but haven?t read the books, to entice them to actually read the book.

Here?s how the Game of Thrones App works:

The app works by asking you where you are in the TV series, after selecting which part you are currently watching, the app will provide suggestions from over 40 extracts in the A Song of Fire and Ice books, giving handy details such as the events from the Red Wedding, The White Walkers, and many more including map info on where it happened.

These extracts can be read from around 5 minutes up to 30 minutes, which is perfect for fans who are on the go, since the app aims to ?allow readers to relive iconic moments from the Game of Thrones show?, it is a great way to let fans appreciate the writings of George R R writings.

Since reading from the beginning may be difficult, as there are some significant changes from the books to the television series, so the app provides spoiler free details and will only focus on giving fans supplement in the world of Westeros.

You can check the trailer to get an idea on how the app will work, and sadly not Android version for this one.

The Games of Throne app may only be available in the UK, but George R R Martin shared another similar app that you can try out

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