?Game Of Thrones? Actress Revealed As Cast In New Doctor Who Trailer, New Casts, Exciting Cameo And Returning Characters Revealed

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Fans were thrilled after the latest trailer for the latest season of Doctor Who. The trailer was first premiered to the fans at San Diego Comic Con, now here is your chance to watch the trailer in full HD.

One of the things Doctor Who fans should look forward to is the inclusion of Maisie Williams (known to everyone as Arya Stark of Game of Thrones) in the series, but no info has been revealed yet on her potential role.


There are more things to look forward as well, Hettie Macdonald (Doctor Who ?Blink? episode director) will take the helm in directing the two-episode season premiere for the series, entitled ?The Magician?s Apprentice? and ?The Witch?s Familiar.

Some artists that are confirmed to have guest appearances in Doctor Who include Reece Shearsmith, Rebecca Front, Rufus Hound, Paul Kaye, Elaine Tan, Neet Mohan, Bethany Black, Paul Courtenay Hyu, Joivan Wade and Sophie Stone. Also Reece Shearsmith(The League of Gentleman, Psychoville, and Inside No. 9), who played as Patrick Troughton that appeared in the fiftieth anniversary docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, will make an appearance in one episode that is written by his former League of Gentleman colleague, Mark Gatiss.

And let?s not forget the returning casts from the series, Michelle Gomez (as Missy), Jemma Redgrave (as Kate Stewart), and yes, Ingrid Oliver (as Osgood), Peter Capaldi will play the role as the Twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman will return as the Doctor’s companion, Clara Oswald, which will be third series to reprise the role.

A previous trailer was also premiere a few months back, teasing more on what to expect on the ninth series of the popular British Sci-Fi TV series.

Doctor Who tells the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord; a space and time-travelling humanoid alien along with his time-traveling machine the TARDIS as he combats evil while trying to save civilization and helping others in need

Catch the ninth series of Doctor Who on September 19.

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