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Game Grub: Food to Make You a Better Gamer

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For the passionate gamer who takes Saturday Dota seriously or the simple enthusiast who can appreciate a whole afternoon of StarCraft, gaming has become an activity that requires reflexes and critical thinking. And for the gamer, these two things are their stronghold.

This is why the TheBitBag has come up with a list of recommended foods that are designed to help make you a better gamer:


Spinach for Reflexes


Enough with the Popeye references. For the nutrition-conscious gamer, what we?re after from spinach is a particular guy known as Tyrosine. He?s mostly present in spinach but he has sometimes been found hanging out in eggs, cottage cheese and soya.

We have avoided the chemical mumbo-jumbo but an experiment done to people with a repetitive task showed that people who drank a solution containing Tyrosine performed the repetitive task better and with less mistakes than another group of people who just drank some OJ.

Besides the fingers, Spinach also helps the eyes because it contains this lovely person Lutein. She?s pretty popular at keeping eyes safe and healthy. She has been found as one of the common agents that protect your eyes from oxidation stress. This means that your eyes become more tolerant to extended exposure to screens.

GamerFood for Energy

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Are you kidding? Caffeinated nuts and seeds?! It is pure genius.

With both hands occupied either with a controller or a keyboard and mouse, pulling off a pizza slice or grabbing a mouthful of popcorn and then stuffing them into our mouths has become unbelievably painstaking. This product solves the problem. It comes in packaging that doesn?t need a bowl, you don?t have to heat it, and you just throw some into your mouth. We dare you to find anything easier than that (besides intravenous methods).

It?s not only easy to eat; but like mentioned earlier, caffeine-enriched. These nuts have the same stuff that goes into energy drinks and coffee. You know, the stuff that makes your mom coherent in the morning after she wakes up? This means you get a slight boost in overnight longevity because of the caffeine.

But the real reason why we put them on the list is because of their awesome variants. TheBitBag deems that there is nothing more epic than eating ?Nuts of Destruction? or chowing down the ?Seeds of Victory?. We are laughing as we type this. We know you are too. Go finish your ?Cashews of Chaos?.

Turkey for Eyesight


You?ve heard it from your parents. We?re sure your parents heard it from their grandparents. We have no idea who told them about carrots being good for your eyes. Science agrees. This is why we have introduced a less crunchier and meatier alternative.

Turkey meat is rich in Zinc. This guy is known for keeping eyes protected against Macular Degeneration. This problem can sometimes stem from over-exposure to video games. So you know he loves your eyes. You do not have to worry about the way you cook it, though. You can roast it or have it deli-style. It still has Zinc.

Dark Chocolate for the Brain


No one can trashtalk without the necessary wit and grammar. If you don?t, then you?d only make a fool out of yourself. This is why cognitive functions are very important to a gamer. You have to be able to think fast enough for counter-strategies and trashtalk comebacks to piss off your opponent more than he pisses you off.

This is why Dark Chocolate makes the list. It allows more bloodflow to the brain. This provides a sort of performance boost to your organic processor. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can keep you toasted and revved up for almost 3 hours.


With this lovely selection of gamer grub, TheBitBag guarantees a longer, happier, more rewarding and trashtalking-rich gaming experience for the passionate bloke who wants to be a better gamer.


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