Game Developer Natsume Will Introduce 3 New Games for Nintendo Consoles During E3 2014

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Natsume poised to release 3 new Nintendo games at the E3 2014

Game developer Natsume teases fans by mentioning that they are set to launch three new game titles for Nintendo consoles. The unveiling will happen during the annual Electronic Entertain Expo (E3) this coming June.

Natsume is a Japan-based game developer and publisher founded in 1987. The company has produces popular video game franchises such as Reel Fishing and Harvest Moon. One of its community managers revealed in a recent blog post that their game studio has definite plans to launch three new games for Nintendo consoles. However, they have chosen not to provide any details about those games, not even disclosing those games? names.

Harvest Moon, one of Natsume's most popular games

Harvest Moon, one of Natsume’s most popular games

What can be known from the post is that those games will not include any eShop titles. On the other hand, in the same blog post Natsume announced that they are going to launch a full line-up of iOS games during the E3 event this June. For those games, Natsume decided to reveal some details ? there will be a total of three new Natsume games that can be played on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The first game is Gabrielle?s Monstrous Duel, which is a sequel to the Gabrielle series where players need to fight against zombie enemies. Another game is called Hometown Story: Pocket. This is what fans of 3DS version of the game have been waiting for. The iOS version of the game centers on how players will run their shop. The third game will be Ninja Strike. It is Natsume?s follow-up to their popular Ninja Climb which topped the game charts of the App Store for a certain period last year.

Natsume is intent in keeping their lips zipped as of the moment. But they want their games? followers to watch out for their Nintendo game announcements at the E3 event. Meanwhile, Nintendo declared that they are not planning to hold a press conference at this year?s E3. They promised that they will still attend and plans to broadcast a ?Nintendo Digital Event? instead. In addition, the consumer electronics company will also be hosting a Super Smash Bros Tournament during the same event.


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