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Game Boy Emulator Super Retro Boy Brings Nostalgia To Gamers: Is It Worth it?

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There is an exciting news for Game Boy fans. An emulator, Super Retro Boy, was released revived the console.

A company called Retro-Bit has recreated the console Game Boy, which disappeared a decade ago, and introduced it at CES 2017. In fact, the company created a hype by sharing about Super Retro Boy on Facebook. It has shared a poster in which Super Retro Boy was mentioned alongside other products.The console has won the best gaming gear award at the CES 2017.

“Very excited to be showing off some new products at #CES17 at the Innex, Inc. booth. Stay tuned for updates or if you happen to be at the show, come by and see what we have lined up for you,” the brand wrote.

The Super Retro Boy Features

The Super Retro Boy packed a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery which can keep the device alive for 10 hours. The buyers will find a  TFT HD display. The buyers can enjoy all the games which were meant for Game Boy, the Game Boy Advance, and the Game Boy Color consoles. The Super Retro Boy has LED screen with high resolution.

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The console is featuring shoulder buttons at front. In the picture, one can see the top buttons above A and B with the letters L and R.  The shoulder buttons will help the gamer in using the menu, according to WWG. The Super Retro Boy has the price tag  $US80 (£65). It will be available in North America in August. The UK launch date is yet to be revealed.

Game Boy console was a massive hit. Before the arrival of  Super Retro Boy an American company Hyperkin ha also tried to recreate Game Boy. It had called the gaming console as  “Smartboy”. Fans could play original Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games on their phone with Smartboy, according to Mirror.

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