The Game Admits To Have Slept With Two Kardashians, Who?

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The Game has been on the media lately with his beef with Meek Mill. This beef too gained more publicity as Drake?entered the fray taking The Game?s side of things. It seems now that?The Game will be on media for longer as he was talking about how he had sex with two of the famous Kardashian sisters.

The Wendy Williams Show

His last major appearance?was on The Wendy Williams show on Tuesday, September 20. This was pointed out by Us Magazine. Wendy Williams confronted The Game about some lyrics on his collaboration track, ?Sauce?, with DJ Khaled. The song came out on August 13 and had made headlines as it has The Game claiming to have ?f***ed three Kardashians.?

Here is a video below of him detailing his beef with Meek Mill and his involvement with the Kardashians.

He was shown pictures of the Kardashian sisters in an attempt to lure him into admitting who of them he had sexual relations with. The Game?tried to redirect the conversation but more or less left a hint on who among the sisters.

Which Kardashian?

The Game was shown the picture of Khloe but he dodged the question. This was like a silence means yes type and people would take it as he did. It is well known that both of them had dated in the past.?

The Game was then asked if it was Kourtney and he said ?no?.

He was then asked whether it was Kim. He answered that ?You know what, this is what?ll say. I?ll tell you this. Kanye is a really good friend of mine. And they got really, really beautiful kids and I don?t want to disrespect their family.? The Game and Kim Kardashian dated before Kim married Kanye West. This was pointed out by Us magazine. He dodged this?question again without leaving it much of a question anymore.

Williams said that two out of three is not bad. The Game quickly said that ?No, it was three??confessing to the other two then?admitting that there?s another one. He said that it wasn?t the Jenner sisters because they are not Kardashians. He confessed that the third was a tricky one as it is a Kardashian-to-be. It was?Rob Kardashian?s fianc??Blac Chyna. He added that?it was all facts?and?everything was good.?

We could just put it all together that he was romantically involved with two Kardashians and a Kardashian-to-be. Fans think that this is?way of getting more publicity for his 1992 album. Many would also deem this as something “corny? in the line of?Meek Mill?has said. Some even thing that this would start a beef with Kanye West.?What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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