Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which Smartphone To Watch Out For At MWC 2017?

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Galaxy S8 vs Surface Phone

Every year, phone makers congregate in Barcelona, Spain for the Mobile World Congress or MWC. Normally held at the end of February, this event is where big names like Samsung, HTC, and Sony, unveil their latest mobile devices. Next year?s MWC is rumored to highlight two big companies, Microsoft and Samsung, as they announce their latest mobile products. According to the said rumor, Microsoft will unveil its purported Microsoft Surface Phone. Meanwhile, Samsung is said to the same thing with its Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Both phones feature top-notch specs that will surely make everyone?s heads turn.?The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 on release. According to the latest reports, the two companies have started the production of the Snapdragon 835 last October. If the timing is right, fans could be looking at the Galaxy S8 with the newest and baddest ARM processor.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset (via

Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset (via

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is said to have a SoC version of Intel?s newest Kaby Lake processor. SoC or System-on-chip is the integration of components that constitute a computer on one die or chip substrate. These components include the main processor, memory, digital signal processor, and wireless module. If this rumor is true, the Surface Phone 2017 will be the first phone to ?have a Kaby Lake processor on-board.

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Memory, storage, and display

According to recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a whopping 6GB RAM and a 64GB worth of storage. The phone will also come with a 128GB variant as well SDCard slot for both models. As for the display, rumors have been varied of late. One rumor says the Galaxy S8 will have a 4K 5.2-inch AMOLED display. Meanwhile, other sites reports that the display will be a 2K 5.8-inch AMOLED.

On the side of Microsoft, the Surface Phone 2017 is rumored to sport a decent 4GB RAM. However, other reports suggest that it will also come with an 8GB RAM variant. Unfortunately, Microsoft has been very successful as keeping wraps on the details pertaining to the Surface Phone 2017. To date, experts still do not have a solid idea what amount of storage the phone will have as well as the size of display. However, one can speculate the storage will be a 128GB minimum with a display of 5.5 inches, be it AMOLED or LCD.

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Price and release date

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 are both high-end consumer phones. This means that consumers can expect a price range fit for premium devices of the same bracket. For anyone considering either of the phones, be sure to expect a price range between $700 to $1100.

Both phones are rumored to be unveiled during next year?s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, Microsoft and Samsung have been mum about the topic. However, fans can keep their fingers crossed that they will see these phones during the said event.

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