Galaxy S8 Release Could Be Sooner Than Anticipated Because Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall?

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Samsung Galaxy S8 (Representational Image)
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Representational Image)

It is not 2017 yet, but the Galaxy S8 release rumors are already making its rounds. A new report suggests that the South Korean tech giant is already mulling the idea of releasing the Galaxy S7 successor because of the disastrous debut of the Galaxy Note 7.

The massive Galaxy Note 7 recall exercise is taking a significant toll on Samsung and its reputation across the globe. Sure, Samsung opted for a timely recall, offering to repair or replace the new device with a Galaxy S7 series. However, the company will be spending billions of dollars in this exercise.

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While the Note 7 is an extremely powerful and beautiful device, the explosion caused by the battery and structural flaw is not an easy aspect to overlook. This might have a long term impact on Samsung.

Initially, people thought the defective units are just a handful. Clearly, this is not the case as many Note 7 units have reportedly exploded. Many airlines and metro stations have advised Note 7 users to switch off the device when travelling.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 (Representational Image)

Samsung Galaxy S8 (Representational Image)

With such a major setback, Samsung is scrambling to find a way to fix the problem and earn back the reputation. On a related note, Apple recently released the iPhone 7 and clearly, it is not helping Samsung either.

And this is precisely why Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy S8 sooner than expected, says The Korea Herald. This doesn?t mean the S8 will make a debut in 2016. However, Samsung might introduce the device earlier than March 2017.

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In any case, readers should note that the news about the Galaxy S8?s imminent release has not been confirmed by Samsung yet.

On the other hand, rumor has it that Samsung is gearing up to release two variants of the Galaxy S8. ?The model numbers tied to these two variants are ?SM-G950? and ?SM-G955.?

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One of them will apparently carry a flat screen, while the other model will feature a curved-edge-display. Also, interestingly, the?internal codenames of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge are ?Dream? and ?Dream2,? SamMobile noted.

Will you be willing to purchase a Samsung handset even after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Feel free to leave a comment.

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