Samsung Ditching Galaxy Note Brand in Favor of Bigger Galaxy S8

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Samsung is trying its best to stand up and dust itself after that major problem with the Galaxy Note 7. In order to appease its loyal fan-base, the company is reported to be moving into giving the Galaxy S8 a bigger screen. According to reports, this decision was made in order to attract potential customers who much prefer a bigger screen.

Could this mean that Samsung is finally ditching the Galaxy Note brand?

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The report, which was published in The Korea Herald, did not clarify if the company is indeed letting go of the Note brand. However, it said that the company?s top executives are mulling over giving the S8 a bigger screen. According to the report, the smaller Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.7-inch screen size much like the Galaxy Note 7. Meanwhile, the other version will have a massive 6.2-inch screen.

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The report also mentioned that Samsung is considering ditching the flat design in favour of a curved screen. Also, the company is planning to adopt a model naming convention similar to what Apple does. This means that the bigger Galaxy S8 might have an additional ?Plus? to its name.

Last month, Samsung announced that it will discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 after having two massive recalls in two months. The two recalls that the phone manufacturer did cost approximately $5 billion.

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As a result of the recalls, some consumers fear using the brand. However, contrary to this, Samsung reported that consumers who bought the Galaxy Note 7 still opted for a Samsung-made phone as a replacement. Whether true or not, the company deemed it necessary to discontinue the phone in order to avoid further complications.

Immediately after the discontinuation, many experts weighed in on the issue and were unanimous about the damage that the brand has made to the company. Perhaps it is best that Samsung throw in the towel on the Galaxy Note brand. At least for the time being.

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