Galaxy S6 Edge Rumor: Will Samsung Release A Galaxy S6 Model With 2 Curved Edges?

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It looks like Samsung is going to release a curved version of their next flagship, might be called Galaxy S6 Edge (Pictured: Galaxy Note Edge; Image courtesy of Samsung)

We?ve already been bombarded with a lot of leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S6, Samsung?s 2015 flagship. Now, it appears that the device maker is planning to offer two flavors of its next offering. Reports have been surfacing online about a variant sporting not one but two curved side panels which might be called the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Spotted in India

Eagle-eyed folks from Dutch site discovered a page in the Indian import database website called Zauba. Information about a ?Prototype phone similar to Galaxy Note 4? is indicated in the import listing. The device has model number SM G925 and is labelled with ?for R&D purposes.

Avid Samsung watcher SamMobile speculated that this may well be the Galaxy S6 Edge as India is one of the South Korean giant?s usual testing ground for upcoming devices. What?s clear is that said model has an invoice value of 44,909 INR or about $710.

Not the first handset with two curved edges

If these reports showcasing a curved double-edged screen model from Samsung are true, then the company may already be facing competition as long time rival LG has just flaunted (albeit privately) its own curved dual-edged display at the CES 2015 last week.

LG?s version is still a concept and the curved smartphone display they exhibited behind closed doors at the Las Vegas event may be furnished in various models in partnership with other device makers.


South Korean tech news site AsiaE reported that Samsung is looking to sell approximately 10 million units of this yet-to-be confirmed Galaxy S6 Edge and another 35 million units for the regular Galaxy S6 model.

It is expected that Samsung will announce both devices during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this coming March, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.


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