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Galaxy S6 Edge Photos Leak: Display May Not Work Like The Galaxy Note Edge

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Leaksters continue to rain on Samsung?s parade as another alleged photo of the Galaxy S6 Edge surfaced online. (Image courtesy of T-Mobile)

Samsung?s upcoming duo of flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, will likely be announced just a couple of days from now. However, countless of leaks about the their design have already leaked leaving us to speculate only about their software specs. Now, another photo has been spotted showing the two handsets side-by-side.

Leaked photo

We can now paint a slightly clearer picture of the Galaxy S6 Edge thanks to a user who uploaded in the XDA forums. This follows a previous leak on Wednesday that showed a picture of what is believed to be a Galaxy S6 prototype. In the new photo, we can plainly see that the curved display on the S6 Edge aren?t working separately from the main display, not like what what we?ve seen on the Galaxy Note Edge?s single curved edge screen. Head here to check out the new leaked image.

Different approach for curved display

If that photo is indeed the S6 Edge, then it would be an odd move for Samsung to not let the two curved display edges function indepently from the main screen. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S6 Edge might lack the special Edge functions found on the Galaxy Note Edge because Samsung has apparently chosen a ?different approach? to such displays. This assumption is backed by a recent report by Business Korea which suggests that the curved display is focused more on the design and ergonomics instead of functionality citing citing manufacturing issues.

Galaxy S6 Edge price

Meanwhile, if you?re inerested in getting your own Galaxy S6 Edge as soon as it?s released then you?ll be thrilled at what Ars Technica has found out. A source, who spoke to the site under the condition of anonymity, revealed that Samsung is set to offer the S6 and S6 Edge at a rather hefty price. For your quick reference, we?ve made this price table lifting details from Ars Technica?s? source.

Model / PriceSamsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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