Galaxy S5 Active is Real! Or Is It?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Samsung?s ?Galaxy S5? is already a stunning feat with its feature-packed specs. Anybody would be skeptical about the idea of introducing another ?Active? iteration of their newest flagship smartphone, but there?s an actual video that shows that it is for real. That or this is just an extremely good mock-up of a phone.

A video, captured by TK Tech News, surfaced online last week. It showed Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

It has a striking resemblance to the previous active model from Samsung, the Galaxy S4 Active. You can see the padding in the rear part of the handset that protects it from water.

According to the video, Samsung will not strip down the specs on this one, however, unlike what happened to last year?s Galaxy S4 Active. It still has the 16MP camera, along with the heart rate monitor. TK Tech states that the super AMOLED screen is much sharper than 1080p display, which the Galaxy S5 has, but it is unlikely to happen though. The closest thing you can get a proof of it, having bigger and sharper resolution from the usual 1080p is to make a pixel count based on its phone screenshot. It also had its sides replaced with rubber and a much tougher form of plastic, which will be essential in protecting it on most abuse, particularly from water. This can be a huge step up from the former Galaxy S4 Active or even Galaxy S5 itself.

The model looks legit enough by having its device ID (hoping that this isn?t an altered phone in any way at all). AT&T might have the exclusive? access to Galaxy S5 active like how it was on the previous active model from Samsung.

It is really hard to tell if the smartphone is anywhere near close to final production, but at its current state, it looks almost complete.

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