Why Are Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries Exploding?

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Three months into the investigation on why Galaxy Note 7 phones keep on exploding, Samsung is still at a loss. The company is still in the dark on the exact reason why its phone?s battery keeps on catching fire. However, this time around, the government of South Korea has stepped in on the matter at hand.

The South Korean National Assembly has weighed in to further investigate the actual reasons of the phone?s battery failures.

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Last month, the National Assembly has called in Lee Won-bok, the president of Korea Testing Laboratory. To those unaware, KTL is the supposed third-party testing laboratory that Samsung hired to certify the new batteries for the Galaxy Note 7.

After the initial investigation made by Samsung on the the first few burning incidents, the company sought KTL?s help. KTL?s role is to assure the public that the new batteries on the replacement Note 7s are safe for use. However, it would seem that KTL based its findings on the suggestions given by Samsung itself.

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During the preliminary hearing by the National Assembly, KTL said that it did not try to subject the batteries under pressure. It also said that admitting that the batteries caught fire by applying pressure on it is reckless on its part. Nevertheless, since the company relied heavily on Samsung?s initial reports, it failed to perform a fire simulation test on the batteries.

As a result of its recklessness, the National Assembly deemed it necessary that KTL also bear responsibility on the problem.

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In an effort to finally put this matter to rest, the South Korea?s National Assembly called upon experts to investigate the issue. These experts will work closely with Samsung in determining the actual cause of the battery explosions. They will have, at their disposal, various test equipment and procedures that are used in the industry. The team will conduct destructive and non-destructive test procedures on a number of Galaxy Note 7 phones. These procedures include CT Scan, high-heat influx test, and processor and other electronic tests. The team hopes to uncover the truth in three months? time.

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