Galaxy Note 7 Starts Resell By Carriers: How To Know If Your Unit Is Safe

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It seems that, by the scheme of things, Samsung has finally moved on from the problem that it is currently facing. Major carriers have started updating their stores to reintroduce the Galaxy Note 7 in their line up.

After all the drama about the battery fiasco involving Samsung?s newest flagship phone, it appears that the dust has finally settled. The company has given major carriers in the US the go signal to market the Galaxy Note 7.

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Verizon has started offering the controversial mobile phone on its web shop yesterday. The same can be said for Sprint while T-Mobile is now in the process of reintroducing the phone to the public.

To some, putting the Galaxy Note 7 back on store shelves might sound strange, ludicrous even. Especially when Samsung is still in the process of exchanging faulty Note 7 units that were sold previously. However, waiting for all of the 1 million units to be returned before reselling the phone is even more outlandish. Getting all the defective Note 7 units and replacing them in the least amount of time is next to impossible.

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Galaxy Note 7 Green Battery Icon

Instead of waiting for paint to dry, Samsung has gone rogue and decided to sell the Galaxy Note 7 again against better judgement. This might sound risky, but to Samsung, this is probably its best shot at redeeming its name.

Apart from the cost of the recall, the company also needs to pick and dust itself up. Hoping against all hope that it can still take back the prestige that it spent years in making. Putting the phone back in market while at the same time replacing the defective ones does look like it is now ready to get moving again.

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In order to gain a bit of perspective here, it is probably important to note a few things. In the U.S. alone, Samsung has sold around 1 million Galaxy Note 7 units. Around 200,000 of which have been replaced since the recall announcement. According to Samsung, it has made at least 500,000 new Note 7 units to date. Unfortunately, the numbers do not add up. Samsung is still shy of 300,000 units in order to replace all the defective phones. However, this is perhaps a good start.

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In a statement released by Samsung, the new units will now feature a green battery icon on its display screen. This will make it easier for individuals and transport authorities to verify that they are looking at a ?safe? Galaxy Note 7. In addition to this, Samsung will send out push notifications to users of defective units urging them to get their phones exchanged.

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