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Galaxy Note 7

Great news for S Pen fans out there. It seems that Samsung have decided to add a few little nifty functions for the beloved S Pen on Samsung?s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 update. In addition to old Air Commands like Smart Select and Smart Write, users will now be privy to three new actions, Translate, Magnify and Glance.

New Air Commands

For those who are in the dark about it, the Air Command is a very helpful feature of the S Pen. These commands are launched when the pen is removed from its ?pocket? or if its already out, by clicking the stylus? button while hovering it over the screen. Functions like Smart Write enables the user to annotate or create Action Notes.

For each generation of Galaxy Note, Samsung made a point to include the Air Command functionality. This time around, Samsung has decided to add three new functions to the existing ones for the Galaxy Note 7.


This new Air Command is pretty straight forward. The user selects a word and then invokes this Air Command to translate the highlighted word. There is also a button for the user to hear the actual translation. Very handy especially when travelling abroad.

S pen translate


For those who have problems reading small prints, this neat little function turns the S Pen into a digital magnifying glass. This enlarges the area of the screen the pen is hovering over.

S pen magnify


This Air Command provides a quick peek into an app?s screen when the pen is hovered over a window thumbnail. This function is akin to the functionality on Windows Desktop.

S pen glance

So far, there are no indications that these new Air Commands will feature on other Samsung smartphones. These commands will probably remain with the Galaxy Note series owing to the fact that they require the S Pen to work. However, commands like Magnify and Translate are obviously useful on any smartphone platform.

Due for an early release tomorrow, users will not have long to wait what other cool tricks Samsung has in store for the S Pen in the new Galaxy Note 7.


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