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Galaxy Note 7 Rumors: Insider Leak Hints Samsung’s New Phablet Does Not Stand Out

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Galaxy Note 7

An insider leak has sparked rumors that Samsung?s new Galaxy Note 7 does not stand out from other phablets in the market today.

Forbes reported about the review of known Russian tipster Eldar Murtazin, who said the highly anticipated device?s lack of a removal battery is among the top reasons why it could end up disappointing its buyers.

It is reportedly likely that Galaxy Note 7 will have a fixed internal battery that cannot be replaced by the user. The tipster claimed that it will have a capacity of 3600 mAh, with leaked documentation detailing that this will deliver just over 20 hours of video on the gadget.

Murtazin also pointed out the volume of pixels and energy that is needed to drive the expected 5.8 inch QHD screen, adding that the capacity will not make it stand out as a ?monster? battery that other similar devices already carry.

The leak even compared the Galaxy Note 7 to a fellow Samsung product, the Galaxy S7 Edge. The latter received good reviews when it was released in March earlier this year, so some wonder if the Galaxy Note 7 can actually repeat the success story of its predecessor.

Rumors about the specs and release date of the Galaxy Note 7 have been going around for weeks, with reports claiming that it will finally be available this July. GSMArena also said that Samsung will unveil the new product during a ?Samsung Unpacked Event? that is supposedly going to take place on August 2, but the tech giant has not yet made an official statement about it.

Details about the upcoming device?s specs have also been leaked. It will reportedly have a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED curved display with QHD resolution and will be powered by two variants running on Exynos 8890 chipset and Qualcomm?s Snapdragon 821 processor. The Galaxy Note 7 will also reportedly carry a massive 6GB RAM and 256GB internal memory. Selfie fanatics can also enjoy taking photos with its 12MP camera with Super OIS Plus. The device will also reportedly include an S Pen stylus.


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