Samsung Has Replaced Around 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 Units In The U.S. So Far; How To Get Yours Replaced

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It seems like the Galaxy Note 7 recall initiative from Samsung is slowly but surely generating momentum. According to the most recent statement by the phone maker, it has replaced around 500,000 units in the U.S. alone.

Samsung has achieved quite a feat merely a week after the joint recall announcement with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The company has also boasted in its statement that 90 percent of owners still opt for the Galaxy Note 7.

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Samsung expects to have all the remaining faulty Galaxy Note 7 units replaced by the end of the month. The company promised that it will not put the new Note 7s on sale unless it has completed the recall initiative. Consumers who are thinking of getting the mobile phone would have to wait probably until October. Meanwhile, at around that time, Australia and Singapore are said to resume selling the Note 7.

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For those who are still unaware, Samsung has made it easy for the public to identify ?safe? Note 7 units. The new battery icon is now green instead of the usual gray. This will help others especially airline companies in identifying whether an owner?s unit is safe or not.

This change in the battery icon color is brought about by the concerns raised by various airline companies. Earlier this month, major airline operators have issued statements that they will not allow Galaxy Note 7 users to have their phones operating during flight. They also have asked owners not to connect their phones to the in-flight entertainment system.

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Owners who still have the original Note 7 units are now being urged to make contact with their retailers and carriers. Although Samsung has released a patch that limits the charge of compromised units to 60 percent, owners still need to get their phones replaced.

In addition to this, the company has also released another patch that enables push-notifications to affected Note 7s. This will remind and urge owners to return their phones every time they power on or shutdown. This update will not be optional and will nag users to install it every three hours until it is applied.

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