Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Failures Prevail; Smartphone Still Having Issues

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Galaxy Note 7

Just as Samsung has finally got its hands wrapped around the issue, reports came out that the company faces yet another problem. According to The Wall Street Journal, some users of the replaced Galaxy Note 7 units are experiencing performance issues with their phones.

In the report, owners are complaining that the new batteries are overheating and losing power a lot faster than usual.

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Samsung has released a formal statement to the publication saying that it is now investigating the situation. The company also insisted that the latest incidents are merely ?isolated cases?. It also said that these cases does not have any connection whatsoever with the previous battery issues.

For those who are unaware of the events, Samsung has recently announced a mass recall of its newest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 7. This recall stemmed from a number of cases involving the phone?s battery catching fire or exploding while being charged.

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According to the investigation conducted by the company, the reported battery failures are due to flaws in the manufacturing process. These flaws put too much pressure on the battery plates making them contact each other and overheat.

A few days after the initial investigation, Samsung rolled out a series of actions to prevent further damages caused by the phone. The company worked hand-in-hand with government offices like the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to alert the public and inform them about the recall.

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It also released a couple of patches to ensure the safe use of the compromised phones. The first patch limits the charge of the battery to 60 percent. This, in return reduced the strain being put on the battery during recharge cycles. The second patch sends out push notifications to users urging them to get their phones replaced immediately.

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Last week, Samsung has announced that it has replaced as much as half a million Galaxy Note 7 units in the US alone. It also said the it will not resume phone sales until all the faulty units are replaced.

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