Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Real Reason: Samsung Hiding Truth?

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Galaxy Note 7 - Official
Galaxy Note 7 – Official

The first batch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were sold to the customers contain defective batteries. Hence, there have been numerous instances of Galaxy Note 7?s battery exploding across the world. It was previously reported that the batteries were exploding because of manufacturing defect. However, a fresh report has revealed the probable reason behind the issue.

Samsung has acknowledged that there is an issue with the batteries of Galaxy Note 7 units. Hence, it has started worldwide recall program that will allow customers to avail new Galaxy Note 7 units.

Samsung had stated that the issue was caused by the batteries that were manufactured by its subsidiary firm, SDI. Apart from this information, the company has not revealed more details on what has caused the batteries of Galaxy Note 7 to explode.

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According to Bloomberg, Samsung worked in haste to release the Galaxy Note 7 in August before the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones in September.? In a hurry to make the phablet available in the market, one of its battery suppliers overlooked a major manufacturing blunder.

Galaxy Note 7

What Samsung Said..

Samsung said that the issue was caused separators present inside the battery failed to function properly. This made the diodes to come in contact with each other explode.

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Real Reason

The chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has revealed that the Galaxy Note 7?s battery is bigger than its compartment. Since there is less space in the compartment for the battery, the tight space pinched the battery that resulted in a short circuit.

Since Samsung aims to release its Galaxy Note phablet in August, its hurry to launch it pushed its manufacturing partners to ready the components in time. Factory employees were reportedly asked to work for longer hours to get the components ready.

Just as the company hurried in launching the Galaxy Note 7, it is working in haste to recall the phablet. Some of the buyers are still confused whether they should replace their Galaxy Note 7 units or note. Hence, in order to assist customers, the South Korean company has provided guidelines through its micro site on how to check whether a Galaxy Note 7 unit is faulty or not.

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