Galaga Wars: An Addicting New Take on a Classic; Available on Android and iOS

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Retro is back and this time around, it?s the Galaga Wars coming to the Android and iOS platform. This classic intergalactic arcade game is heading to the mobile platform. This is all thanks to Paladin Studios in partnership with Bandai Namco Europe, who helped put the game in the worldwide platform.

Galaga Wars? 35th anniversary opened doors for Paladin Studios to recreate the retro game. Not only that, but the current generation will also be able to experience the popular arcade game from the 80?s, with a modern twist. According to Paladin Studios, the game has been to designed to carry an all new updated design, concept and technology. In a statement by Paladin Studios, it said ?Our goal is to create beautiful games that feel great to play, and with Galaga Wars we hope to have achieved this ambition. After months of development, we are proud that Galaga Wars is now ready for global launch!?

In order to achieve the whole concept of the game, Paladin Studios, alongside Bandai Namco UK, worked closely with the original creators of the game in order to get the idea of the game?s essence. The delicate designing of the aircrafts, the bees, scorpions and tractor beam and twin ships; it?s all there for fans to enjoy.

Galaga Wars Gameplay

The former arcade game Galaga challenges players to destroy enemies in the form of flying insect-like aliens. The player will control a starfighter that has the ability to kill the enemies individually and by cluster. The starfighter will also collect points, coins, rewards and boosters during a fight; and that?s where the tricky part of of the gameplay comes in.

GalagaWars tricks you into claiming rewards while in the midst of a battle against the insect enemies. If a player is able to make it out of the challenge, a rewarding boost, coins and points will be added to the game. Galaga Wars is a sequel to the Galaxian game that was released in 1979. Galaga was launched on in 1989 by Midway in North America.


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