g-Ripe: Idiots Ruin It for Everybody

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One of the first things I read this morning as I’m burning through my feeds is the following article: 3 teens arrested in car bombings. What a way to end the week. I began the week reading about some idiot kid in Thailand. Then, I end the week reading about some stupid kids in Georgia. What do they blame for their brainless actions? What do you think?

UPDATE: Here are a couple of more related international news bits (via GamePolitics):
Spain: Spanish Cabbies Want GTA Banned in Wake of Thai Taxi Murder
Singapore: Should Grand Theft Auto be banned here?

Yeah. Before I even asked the question, you knew what classic scapegoat they had turned to . . . video games. Not just any video game. GTA IV. Why? Why would you do that? Why can’t you just leave it at, “I was being an idiot.”

While I was in Thailand a few weeks ago, I heard a story about a kid who was trespassing someone else’s property and decided to monkey around in the lake at said location. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but the kid ended up dying in the lake. Did the parents blame the property owner? No. Why? Because their kid was an idiot. I hate to sound cold, but it’s the plain frickin’ truth.

Next year’s four-twenty day will mark the tenth anniversary of the most infamous attribution of violence to video games . . . the Columbine shootings. I am not going to reiterate how long I have been playing video games (violent ones included), but I have yet to have the urge to purchase semi-automatic weapons and turn on my classmates or co-workers or random people on the street.

I’ll go ahead and say it. Games have absolutely nothing to do with the violence in the world. Games don’t kill people, stupid people kill people. Stupid people blame it on games and ruin it for everybody. Guys like Jack Thompson are just waiting for opportunities like this to bring the hammer down on the gaming industry. If you want further ironclad regulations on gaming by the government and basically the elimination of free expression through the medium of video games, then go ahead and point the finger. The wiser of us will not crack under the pressure of inhumane methods of torture. As true gaming patriots, we will protect our comrades.

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