G-Dragon?s Private Instagram Hacked Photos With Nana Komatsu Revealed

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With celebrities being in the spotlight almost twenty four seven, it?s no surprise that some of them would opt to keep aspects of their personal life private. The problem is, with crazy fans swarming everywhere, including the internet, it’s only a matter of time before private life gets leaked into the open.

G-Dragon, for one, is a recent victim of hacking. G-Dragon?s private account on Instagram was hacked. The hacker was able to uncover and reveal G-dragon?s rumored girlfriend Nana Komatsu.


G-Dragon?s real name is Kwon Ji-yong. His stage name G-dragon is play on words since yong means dragon in Korean. G-dragon has a public Instagram account named xxxibgdrgn that is actively managed towards the public.

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However, the hacker attacked his real personal account, the one he actively uses for himself. His real account is called peaceminusone. The hacker had changed his private account into public, revealing all his juicy little secrets.

For one, G-dragon?s personal account had revealed a series of pretty close photos of him and Nana Komatsu. Rumors between them were already pretty high since they were seen sporting the same style of bracelet like a couple, now this leaks has practically confirmed fan

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Taeyan from BIGBANG had apparently commented in one of the posts of G Dragon?s compromised account. Taeyan said: ?Let?s write a song. The title will be ?Lover,??

The hacked account has been taken down. G-Dragon and YG Entertainment haven?t address the issue yet and it looks like neither of the two are planning to.

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With all of the fact out so far, it?s pretty safe to assume that G-Dragon and Nana are trying to keep a low profile relationship. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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