G-Dragon, Sandara Park Dating? Fan Videos, Instagram Posts Hint Two Is A Couple

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Sandara Park
Sandara Park

Immediately after pics and videos of G-Dragon holding and kissing Sandara Park went viral, fans went wild. Speculations started going around that the two are now undoubtedly a couple. It happened during Bigbang’s concert in Seoul, Korea on January 8.

Protective G-Dragon

On the video, Sandara Park can be seen being held and shielded by G-Dragon from the massive crowd following them after the concert. Along with other male bodyguards, the two swiftly headed to the company vehicle as they exited the venue. It’s really not 100 percent that it’s Sandara Park since the hoodie covered up her face. However, images of her watching the concert seem to be enough proof for fans to believe it’s her, per yibada.com.

The bodyguards were vigilant to make sure the Kpop stars don’t get caught up in a stampede. Fans were mulling all over the place and would do anything to touch or get a glimpse of the two. The other members of Bigbang already went ahead but G-Dragon stayed behind, making sure dear Dara is safe and sound.

Meaningful Kiss?

G-Dragon was also allegedly seen kissing Sandara Park on the head. It was so quick it’s really easy to miss. But for die hard ‘Daragon’ fans, spotting that moment was a breeze. When that happened, eager fans were sure something was definitely up between the two, per koreaboo.com.

Sandara Park and G-Dragon dating rumors has been going on as far back as 2015. It began when Dara posted an image of herself sporting her newly dyed purple hair. G-Dragon soon followed suit and posted his image online wearing the same hair color. Furthermore, they were seen many times wearing matching couple items. Not only do they share the same taste and fashion style, but their love for Kpop music. The idea of the two hooking up became an instant hit to their fans, thus the term ‘Daragon’.

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