Fushigi Yugi Remake? Creator Sketches Characters in Modern Style

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Fushigi Yugi Remake

Our hearts stopped upon seeing a series of tweets from Fushigi Yugi (Curious Play or Mysterious Play) creator, Yu Watase. She has been tweeting these amazing sketches of Miaka, her Celestial Warriors, and even the villains, all done up in a modern style. See them below and relive your childhood epic fantasy of being transported to The Universe of the Four Gods.

Here is the updated Miaka sketch and a new ?1991? version as well to show us the differences.

2016 version:


1991 version:


Here is the handsome and strongest among Suzaku Warriors, Tamahome.

And our kind (and also handsome!) Emperor Hotohori.


Here?s Watase?s updated version of our favorite, strong and beautiful, cross dresser Nuriko.


Here is Chichiri, the wandering and always-smiling monk.

Another warrior who was smitten by Miaka (so does almost every male character in series! How to be you Miaka?) is former bandit, Tasuki.



Here?s Watase?s modern take on doctor/healer, MItsukake.


Let?s not forget the cutest and youngest one among the warriors of hot men.. Or rather Miaka?s reverse harem (lucky girl!), Chiriko.


Miaka?s best friend turned antagonist, Yui, also had a 2016 makeover. Hopefully this look will swoon Tamahome.


Here is the villain, Nakago, Yui?s loyal knight and leader of Seiryu?s Celestial Warriors.


Here is Soi looking sexy as always. Surely she would even be more beautiful in full color.


The beastly Ashitare and illusionist Tomo, looking more fearsome than ever.



The twin brothers, Amiboshi and Suboshi.


And lastly, Chichiri?s counterpart in Seiryu, Miboshi.


Fans thought that an anniversary special or a sequel like Card Captor Sakura?s Clear Card Arc for Fushigi Yugi is in the works. Sadly, Watase says that ?This is something I did just for fun, so don?t take it too seriously.? She also tweets ?if I was drawing for a 20th anniversary remake of Fushigi Yugi, this is how they?d look.? Still, fans are hopeful that a remake or a sequel will be done soon as Watase receive nothing but praises for these sketches.

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