Furious 7: Record Opening Week a Tribute to Paul Walker’s Legacy

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The cast of Fast and Furious 5 enjoying a light moment. [By Jack Zalium (P1050674) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

The Fast and Furious 7 opening weekend won?t be complete without a mention of Paul Walker.

Paul might have or haven?t lived like his on-screen counterpart, Brian O?Connor, but he died doing the one thing he loved doing?going for speed. Paul Walker ironically died in a car crash, and the fans of the franchise mourned his passing. It?s only fitting that, according to Time, the movie appeared to have been made in a way ?Paul would be proud of?.

In another sense of irony, Daily Mail UK brings us this report of a tragic accident. A couple who went to see Fast and Furious 7 figured in a real-life collision, one that could?ve been art imitating life. On the way home, the couple was hit by a drunk driver who was driving in the wrong lane.

A Farewell

Perhaps, one of the greatest reasons people flocked to see Fast and Furious 7 was to see Paul Walker for the very last time.

As any fan of the franchise knows, Paul Walker died in a car crash while in the thick of filming Fast and Furious 7. Fans and cast members alike were distraught with his untimely death. As in the Time article, Paul?s brothers and look-a-likes Cody and Caleb Walker helped with the filming by standing in as body doubles.

That aside, Paul must have been smiling up in heaven. Fast and Furious 7 opened up to a record box-office weekend, as reported in The Guardian, to the tune of $143.6M (?96.1M).

A Tragedy

Joel Norman, who was driving the truck that struck the couple, is currently in police custody for driving under the influence resulting in the deaths of Sical and Rodriguez-Solis.

It is sad that they had to die in a way only seen in the franchise, more so when you add the fact that they have a six-year old daughter. It is believed that relatives would care for the orphan.

Speed Kills, Literally and Figuratively

Let the deaths be a lesson that driving the Fast and Furious way should only be left to the professionals. Paul Walker and the couple?s deaths might have been accidents, but nevertheless, it is a reminder of how dangerous it is to mess around with speed if you can?t handle it.


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