These fur vitamins for cats will give their coats an extra shine

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Why fur parents love this superfood:

  • It is plant-based, cruelty-free, and sustainable.
  • Their fur babies love them!
  • It gives an extra shine to their pets’ coats.
  • It improves their cats’ overall health.

Fur parents are incorporating Omega and Probiotic Sprinkles for Cats into their fur babies’ permanent diets for good reason. This supplement by Because Animals are all-natural, cultured, organic, and cruelty-free. They even come in sustainable packaging!

This is why Geneva J., one of the fur moms who swear by this product, has chosen the brand for her cats. She said, “I can’t recommend this product enough, I’ll never stop using it for my pets. I love the healthy whole food ingredients, the way it’s packed with nutrients, and the ease of mixing it into their food.”

Geneva even compared it to other supplements she has tried in the past. “I’ve tried giving them many other supplements, but they either don’t make a difference, my cats reject them, or the ingredients aren’t to my standards. This product works WAY better than salmon oil did for their skin and coat health, and doesn’t add excess fat to their diet,” the fur mom added.

As a vegan, Geneva would never compromise her pets’ health. “I’m so happy to have found this company and can’t wait for new products to be released! As a vegan cat owner, I’d NEVER compromise my pets’ health by cutting meat from their diet, but the idea of cruelty-free AND nutritionally sound treats is amazing. I hope food is on the horizon too. Please support this business and give their products a try!”

Another fur mom has shown her support for the brand’s advocacies. “These three love their supplement, and so does their mama (me)! They love it, it’s good for them, and most importantly: it helps support an ethical company to end the needless slaughtering of animals for food. What’s not to love?! This will be an everyday part of their diet every day for as long as Because Animals sells it,” Sarah E. wrote in her review.

Fur parents are not the only ones who are satisfied with this cat supplement, even their fur babies love them! Stanley S. commented in his five-star review, “We have two cats and when the package arrived, one of our cats knew right away that this was a treat for them. Our younger cat was attracted to the sprinkles as soon as I opened the delivery box and before I even opened the package of probiotics. Both cats enjoy these on their food every evening!” Furthermore, Alex W. shared that even the stray cat he regularly feeds also loved it. “I feed a stray cat who lives in the backyard and even she loves it,” he said.

Aside from being plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable, and loved by cats, Omega and Probiotic Sprinkles also give your furry friends’ coats an extra shine! Jane N. thanked the brand after seeing the results. “My fur babies are softer and healthier thanks to this product. It is now a permanent part of their diet,” she claimed.

This supplement by Because Animals also has organic fruit and vegetable antioxidants that help support your pets’ general health.

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