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Funny Videogames That You Shouldn’t Miss

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Video games, especially those created today (actually, even some video games back in the early days), require players to focus on playing, especially those RPGs. That?s not to say that every videogame of today is about saving the world, getting revenge, doing crime, stopping crime, etc. Sometimes, some mindless humor can still be incorporated into a game, regardless of the genre, and these games pull these comedic treats just right.

The Stanley?s Parable

This one definitely deserves to be on this list. This can be easily one of the funniest games of all time. It is not graphically that impressive to begin with (it uses steam engine, and it used to be a mod before). The aim of the game is to let the player decide whether they would follow the narrator?s instruction on how the story should unfold. It is up to them if they would follow it, but more often, they won?t and the narrator?s reactions, as well as how the story would be, are hilarious.

The story is pretty simple. You are Stanley, an ordinary employee who does his job everyday in a robotic routine, until something happens, and everybody in the office vanished. It has TONS of possible endings


South Park: The Stick Of Truth

This game, being funny, doesn?t require any explanation, but some people might be reluctant about getting it because of the earlier South Park games that didn?t do that well in the market. Most of those games seriously sucked for many reasons like short-lived gameplay, bad mechanics, bad production, etc., But South Park: The Stick Of Truth stands tall amongst them. Developed by none other than Ubisoft, what can we expect?

The game?s visuals are very stunning when you compare it to the real show. It almost looks like you are watching the real thing rather than just playing it. As expected, you will see a lot of black humor with the game and endless references from pop-culture and celebrities like Al-Gore, Khloe Kardashian?s Unborn Baby, Aliens, etc. Too bad, the game was banned in certain countries due to its extreme humor, but if you reside in one of the lucky countries who didn?t censor the game, you definitely need to get it so you can be a dragonborn and learn farting, I mean, dragonshout in an epic RPG game that thrusts you into a quest to be COOL!


Portal Series (Portal 1 and Portal 2)

A very unique first-person puzzle game from Valve. It lets you shoot 2 types of portals that you can use to travel from one point to another. The game itself is very unique and fun to play, but it wouldn?t be as fun without the presence of the very popular antagonist, ?GladOS?. This is the AI that makes you go through a series of ?Tests? that can nearly kill you. In the first game, she was the antagonist, but became an ally in the second game. Nevertheless, she keeps the game very funny with her dark humor and natural ?Jokes?. The game would never be as popular as it is without the presence of the crazy GladOS.


Some honorable mentions are Scribblenauts, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Broforce, Grimm Fandango, Surgeon Simulator, Saints Row: The Third

Video games should be a relaxing way to spend your time and not a chore. Sometimes, video games can stress players, and if that happens, be sure to play games that actually make you laugh.

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