Funny Baby Videos: Dad Vs. Daughter Standoff – Who Will Win?

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Photo courtesy of YouTube

Children are adorable but they too can be stubborn all right. Sometimes their stubbornness can be a big headache and cause some stress, but other times it can be very endearing and downright funny. Hopefully, it?s more of the latter rather than the former.

In one of the funny baby videos we have here, we see a dad and a little girl entering a standoff. The dad wants his daughter to get off a table while the daughter mutters some cute mumblings that only she seems to understand. It looks like she is trying to insist on not getting down or asking the dad to get her off the table rather than getting off herself. It?s very cute and funny!

The daughter seems to try to make a case and is very stubborn while the dad tries to establish himself as the alpha male, saying that he can?t be told what and what not to do. Of course everything is just fun and games and after a short while, the dad picks up his little girl and that?s the end of it.

It seems like the mom was the one recording the whole video and she was giggling while she saw the little girl?s various reactions and mumblings.

Hope this little bit has helped brighten up your day.

Photo source: YouTube

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