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Funny Japanese Commercials 2014: Japanese PlayStation Vita Commercial Hits and Misses [Watch Here]

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We all know that Japan is the land of very strange things. We mean no offense by this. It?s pretty awesome to see people thinking way outside the box to come up with brand new and novel ideas. This is why Sony in Japan has come up with a rather interesting ?Japanese Playstation Vita commercial to inform the people of how awesome of a machine it is.


We are ecstatic about the creativity behind this one. We almost thought young boys before swim class would really ogle at each other?s equipment while dressing. The face on the first kid was really epic. Upon seeing his friend drop his towel, the equivalent of ?wow he?s an adult!? was exclaimed.

Things would have been really awkward if there wasn't a Vita in the picture

Things would have been really awkward if there wasn’t a Vita in the picture

We don?t recommend playing while standing, though. It makes for a pretty awkward position.


A caption would just ruin this moment

A caption would just ruin this moment

We do find a little issue with the notion of the Vita being marketed as merely a kid?s toy to brag about during recess. The commercial focused on the gaming aspect (which is understandable) but was not able to highlight the other functions that the device can offer.

It?s a pretty bold move on Sony?s part. Sexual innuendos are not exactly their niche. It seems that the company is ready to put in extra effort and balls (literally) to cater to a bigger market. And what better gaming market than the land of cosplay and tentacles?

This Japanese Playstation Vita commercial did make a few game highlights that were right on the money. Monster Hunter and Toukiden were shown as some of the playable games. We believe that these two are more than enough reasons to get any kid hyped up about a Vita.

Due to the difference in language, we cannot confirm if the commercial has been receiving good reception from the Japanese audiences. But we can be guaranteed that Sony will be trying to make the Vita a staple among the handhelds. The competition is steep in Japan. Nintendo has been dominating the gaming market in the land of the rising sun. Seeing a commercial like this should be a good way to shake things up. During the month of July, Vita sales have been steadily increasing as compared to Nintendo handheld sales. And although we are fans of both, we certainly would like to see a good competition between the two to give console gaming more teeth against a PC ?master? race. We hope to see more interesting Japanese Playstation Vita commercials like these in the future.

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