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Fuel Up Your Smartphone Battery with Fuel+

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The low battery sign is every gadget owner?s fear. One of the biggest problems faced by a smartphone or tablet user is not having the time to charge a gadget. This is why Patriot created Fuel+, a small but powerful charger that contains enough power to transfer on your phone or tablet. You only need to plug the gadget into the charging port and voila! Once the battery is full, the Fuel+ will automatically shut down and conserve the remaining power for your next battery problem.

What is Fuel+

Fuel+ is a portable rechargeable battery that could be every gadget owner?s best companion for almost any mobile device. You can use it wherever you go, whether at home or at the office. It has the capacity to keep your mobile device charged up to keep you going.

It has a Power Pass Through feature that can charge both your phone and Fuel+ charger simultaneously. Some models even allow you to charge two mobile devices at the same time using the Fuel+ dual ? output ports. These rechargeable batteries are engineered to provide the same quality as the batteries on big laptop brands. This is why users can expect consistently good performance throughout the battery?s life cycle.

To begin charging your mobile device, simply plug the USB charging cord in and press the power button on your Fuel+. It automatically shuts down once the device has been fully charged.

Other Features to be Excited About

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Fuel+ is available in various capacities: 5,200mAh, 6,000mAh, 7,800mAh, and 9,000mAh. They all have a 2.5A USB output, which is perfect for charging larger devices. This gives the product faster charging capability than other known rechargeable batteries with only 2.1A charge ports. The Fuel+ 1,500mAh was specifically designed with integrated Lightning connector for iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod touch 5th Gen, and iPod Nano 7th Gen users.

About Patriot

Established in 1985, Patriot Memory serves consumers in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. The company provides a wide range of flash memory and memory module products with quality and value. All of its products include Signature Lines, Extreme Performance and Flash Memory solutions.

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