Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition: First Step Into Casual PvP/ e-Sport Scene

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There was once a time when simple games were the top trending apps in mobile gaming. The Fruit Ninja app used to be on everyone’s mobile phone. Everyone played it and knew what it was. Now, the team behind Halfbrick is planning to bring back the fruity glory with Fruit Ninja Tournament.

If you still have the game in your mobile devices, you are probably wondering why there are no updates from the people behind Fruit Ninja. Well, according to a Twitter post by Halfbrick, the reason for this is because they are working hard in updating the paid version of the game. This is probably where they would place the Fruit Ninja tournament mode.

Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition

According to?Touch Arcade, the Halfbrick team is calling the paid app version ?Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition.? This is the first step of the famous fruit slicing game in the field of ?player versus player? (PvP). As stated above, this is available in the paid Fruit Ninja version. So if you want to experience this multiplayer mode, better give up some cash for it.

Players can now be able to add Fruit Ninja Tournament in their e-sports list once this update is released through the help of Amazon?s Champions of Fire Invitation. Other information about the recent update is still in the shadows and is yet to be revealed until the release day, which is, hopefully, soon.

The release of the Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition was confirmed by the promotional video uploaded by Amazon. The said Amazon event will also include other games such as ?Bloons TD Battles,” ?Pac-Man 256,? ?Disney Crossy Road,” ?8 Pool? and many more.

There is also a chance that players can win up to $100,000 prize money by competing in a tournament from the games featured in the event. The ?Invitation? is set to be launched on December 2nd at Las Vegas City?s Paris Hotel.

The team behind Halfbrick found a perfect stage to use for the introduction of their Fruit Ninja Tournament Edition. With the theme of ?e-sports for all,? the improved version of our sword slashing, fruit cutting game will reach more players, and they would even attract new ones.

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