Frozen 2 Updates: Fans Call For More Sisterly Bonding For Elsa And Anna

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The filming of the much anticipated movie, Frozen 2, is now underway. This was revealed by the person behind the success of Elsa, Idina Menzel. ?While everyone is gearing up for the sequel film, many fans are still thinking what will be the focus of the upcoming movie.

Menzel announced in an interview with E! News that the second Frozen movie is now in its early production phase. The production team of the sequel of the hit Disney animated film is also now penning the script of the movie. ?

So what will be the storyline of the movie? Rumor has it that it is about time to give highlight to Anna?s emotions and her struggles in life.

Well, the singer spilled the beans that she will still be the voice of Elsa in the second movie, along with Kristen Bell who will be voicing the sister Anna. Menzel also chimed in on the speculations about Elsa?s death in the forthcoming movie. Rumor has it that Elsa will be dying after falling off a cliff.

After the very successful run in 2013, the sequel is now facing high expectations from the audience. Will it offer a better story? Some reports claimed that the franchise movie is being used by Disney to earn a lot of money, releasing not just the screenplay but also merchandise that the kids love so much.

While there are so many plots that the scriptwriters of the movie might be exploring, fans are clamoring for more Elsa-Anna bonding moments in the forthcoming show. It must be remembered that the sisters had few fun moments together during the first one when Elsa assumed her role as the Queen.

Speculations also suggested that Anna?s emotional struggles might be a highlight of the film too given that the first one was Elsa?s own heartbreaks and challenges. It is safe to assume that the feat of Let It Go was due to Elsa?s ability to go out of the box. This time, will it be Anna?s time to shine?

Meanwhile, Olaf is expected to play yet another important role in the movie. Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, will be looking for his partner. It is interesting how Olaf will be with a loved one beside him while delivering positivity to all the characters in the show.

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