Frozen 2 Release Date & Plot: Next Movie Confirmed To Have Lesbian Love Story?

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Frozen 2

Frozen 2 fans are demanding an LGBT princess? Yes, there is a big discussion taking place on social media about Elsa?s girlfriend. It was reported that the lead character Elsa will have a Prince as her love interest. But now Frozen fans have started a social media campaign and are asking Disney to feature a lesbian love story.

According to Telegraph, a Twitter user called Alexis Isabel kick-started the discussion with her post. “give Elsa a girlfriend,” she tweeted . Her tweet with the hashtag grabbed the attention of thousands of users and also received a positive response.

?#GiveElsaAGirlfriend cuz damn if there was representation when I was a kid I would have known that luv isn’t only between a guy and girl,? a Frozen fan tweeted, according to Daily Life. In fans? opinion, homosexual couples must be given importance in mainstream media and Frozen can begin the trend.

As per the new study by GLAAD, Hollywood films are not representing the LGBT community in an appreciable manner. Out of 126 major films released in 2015, only 22 (17.5 per cent) had place for LGBT characters. Disney?s work for the LGBT community is also not that great. So, Disney may use Frozen 2 to prove its concern for LGBT community.

As per the previous report, Frozen 2 team is also in favor of LGBT rights and they want to send a strong message to society. Frozen 2 makers are finding the animated movie as a great tool to educate children. ?When the kids [watch] them, they watch them over and over again, and if we don?t have a decent message in there, I think we?ve missed an opportunity,? director Chris Buck said in an interview. Frozen has crossed $1.274 billion at the box office. Frozen 2 will reach theaters in 2018.

Do you want to see a lesbian love story in the new Frozen movie?

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