?Frozen 2? Plot: Gay Queen Elsa, Human Olaf, Brother Tarzan–What We Know So Far

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When Disney?s Frozen was released in the big screens in November 2013, many were delighted to meet a queen who didn?t seem to need a prince in her life. Now it looks like Queen Elsa is bound to fall in love in Frozen 2 to a human Olaf.

Disney has recently confirmed that there will be a Frozen sequel. Following the announcement, speculations about the Frozen 2 plot are never-ending.

There are persistent requests from the LGBT communities to make Queen Elsa gay. This may seem to be a great idea for many, but not everyone agrees.

There are opposing petitions saying that Queen Elsa should have a boyfriend instead and stick to being a lady. Sources claim that the Queen of Arendelle will release Olaf from the curse and he will be back to being a human.

Those who have already seen Frozen knows that Anna?s snowman buddy is a male. When he regains his human form, he could be the perfect match for Queen Elsa.

Idina Menzel recently admitted that she was surprised about the petitions to make her character gay in Frozen 2. Nevertheless, she is happy that the film is being talked about.

If Disney will consider the petitions of the LGBT communities, many think that she will be able to do the role very well.

Could Tarzan be Elsa and Anna?s Little Brother?

According to Frozen director Chris Buck, Tarzan could be the long-lost brother of Princesses Anna and Elsa. Buck reportedly shared in one of his interviews that he had come up with a more comprehensive story for Anna and Elsa?s parents.

Co-creator Jennifer Lee revealed that Anna and Elsa?s parents were washed up on a shore in a jungle island. Lee further teased fans saying the queen gave birth to a baby boy. The couple built a treehouse. Eventually, they were eaten by a leopard.

It?s safe to assume that the baby boy is Tarzan. And if Tarzan?s parents are the same as Anna and Elsa?s, he could be the princesses? little brother.

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