?Frozen 2? Movie Spoliers: Elsa?s Power Explained? Olaf A Prince? Will D23 Expo 2015 Give Us The Answers?

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The highly successful Disney animated film isn?t just content with showing Elsa as a tough and caring sister, as Frozen 2 will bring a new side of her personality that audiences have never seen before.

The Frozen sequel is already in the early stages of development, MTV reported, and the directors have just spilled the beans from one of their concepts.

Frozen tackles Social Issues

Frozen 2 Director Chris Buck said Anna and Elsa will be dealing more with relevant issues that confront both boys and girls including men and women, MTV reported.

?I think we?re very aware of what is happening in society,? Buck said. ?I don?t think any of us take [them] lightly, even though they can be very funny and entertaining, the messages that our movies have and the influence they can have on young people.?

It seems that more morals will be inserted in the sequel, in contrast to the original Frozen film which morals include telling kids that they?shouldn?t fall in love with someone they?barely know and true love isn?t only obtainable from romantic affairs or from the opposite sex.

?[In Frozen] she had such a dramatic journey, and at the end she?s just starting to feel like she can open up and have some fun again. That?s what was really good about the short?we could have fun with Elsa. And that personality? you will see in the next one,? Buck told Fandango.

Frozen in Disney D23 Expo

The Frozen appearance at the D23 Expo 2015 is only slated to bring a musical celebration, a new short, and an album signing. A musical called ?Frozen FANdemonium? will be staged this August 16, and you can bet to hear more from Let it Go as well as other hit songs from Frozen to buzz throughout the Anaheim Convention Center, Comingsoon reported. A new short called ?Frozen Fever? will also be shown in August 16.

Frozen 2 Rumors!

If that revelation wasn?t enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming Walt Disney Animated Musical, numerous rumors via Christianpost give you a glimpse on what might happen in the film:

  • The origins of Elsa?s powers will be detailed
  • More Anna and Kristoff relationship will be shown
  • A wedding will happen
  • Elsa may find her true love
  • Olaf is revealed to be a handsome prince

VC Post?added?more interesting rumors:

  • There will be an LGBT theme (will this be the new side and issue faced by Elsa?)
  • A fire-wielding foe will be the main villain

Frozen 2 Facts!

Are you skeptical about these rumors? Well here are the facts that you can surely expect from the film. The original Frozen directors will be manning the sequel. The original voice actresses of the main cast Idina Menzel (Elsa), Kristen Bell (Anna), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), and Josh Gad (Olaf) will be reprising their roles.

According to Vine Report, Frozen is penciled for?a 2018 release.

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