Frozen 2 Movie Plot: Anna Discovers Her Own Powers? Will Be The Movie’s Next Villain?

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With an Oscar under its belt and millions of fans, it?s inevitable that the Disney would come up with ?Frozen 2?. And the recent trailer released by the House of Mouse reveals just how high curiosity for the new movie is.

Speculation is running rampant with regards to the new film?s, and several fan theories abound online regarding the film?s possible plot.

What is the plot?

In Frozen, we watched the conflict between Queen Elsa?s powers and Anna?s sisterly concern.?Christian Post?speculates that the second film will feature a twist – Anna discovers that she has powers of her own.

Who will be the villain?

According to?CrossMap, Frozen 2 will bring a new villain in Arendelle. Another theory that takes it even further is one that positions Anna as the next antagonist in the story.?MoviePilot?even suggests the addition of other creatures of Nordic folklore, like Fossegrimen, Huldra, Huldufolk, Askeladden.

Happy ending or unhappy ending?

At the end of Frozen, Queen Elsa and Anna along with Olaf, Kristof, and Sven happily said by to viewers and fans. However, this happy ending may not come for one of the characters in Frozen 2. Talking to?, Youth Health co-director Chris Buck revealed that ?fans will see a bitter end for either one of their favourite characters.? Since fans are asking for a change, Frozen?2 may?have unhappy ending. Anna? Or Elsa? Who will be the looser this time?

Frozen has crossed $1.274 billion in the box office and has become the all time best selling Blu-Ray disc in the US. Elsa?s ?Let It Go? was a sensational hit along with other songs. Team Frozen 2 will definitely compose another song which will match the fame of ?Let It Go?.? This time more duets are predicted, according to?Master Herald.

Team Frozen 2 has not revealed anything about releasing dates and casts. But no doubt, Frozen 2 will be mixture of joy, adventure, romance and mystery.

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